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To see/read/reference rubydoc, please visit its homepage at

rubydoc Technical Plan

In a nutshell, this is the vision for rubydoc is to create a command line and online tool that allows for multi-lingual access to ruby documentation for builtin and external modules. More specifically, some of the project goals are to:

  1. Create an online foum aimed at collecting user feedback, experiences, and stories with ruby classes and modules (hosted on
  2. Extract the user comments and dump the collected data from the online forum into a distributable medium so that comments are available from the CLI (data probably stored in rd or XML).
  3. A CLI that will let you, if you have a net connection, browse the online rubydoc comments (probably SOAP).
  4. rubydoc is a cross between perldoc and the PHP documentation at
  5. rubydoc is set to evolve with the language and be defined through its user community.
  6. rubydoc will use the reflection API to make all methods available for comment and user review.
  7. The online forum will have user accounts and watches to allow people to track comments and/or official documentation changes.

If you have any questions/comments, please send them to:

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To download rubydoc, click here to download it, then save it to a directory in your path, and chmod it to 755 (note, you may have to restart you shell (exec bash|exec tcsh) for your shell to find it in your path. Send all problems and bugs to the rubydoc-devel list mentioned earlier. -sc